MS SQL Server module for Python


This page describes the MS SQL Server module developed by Dave Cole. It provides a Python interface to the MS SQL Server relational database system.

The MS SQL Server package is still in early development so some things will not work - other things will GP fault.

The aim is to support all of the Python Database API, version 2.0.

Module Status

If you use the module please send me some email so I can either fix the problem or document the things that work.

There are a few things that do not work - the work still has not been done.

Supported Platforms

Please help me out here - if you try a new client/server combination, tell me!

The module compiles and works on the following platforms:

Client Server Comment
OS Libraries OS Libraries
LinuxSybase ASE 11.9.2 LinuxSybase ASE 11.9.2 Everything I have tested works
LinuxSybase ASE 11.9.2 WindowsMS SQL Server 7.0 Everything I have tested works
WindowsMS SQL Server 7.0 LinuxSybase ASE 11.9.2 Cursor.callproc() fails - use Cursor.execute()
WindowsMS SQL Server 7.0 WindowsMS SQL Server 7.0 Cursor.callproc() fails - use Cursor.execute()