Specialist software developers

Object Craft specialise in programming projects and services working in highly complex software environments, often where standard ‘cookie-cutter’ approaches are simply not sufficient.

Complex environments include systems with substantial existing code bases that may have developed over time, multiple sets of interrelated requirements that require interpreting and untangling, or systems with multiple applications in different languages that are required to communicate to support a workflow.

Object Craft provide a small, highly skilled team of developers with over 50 years of experience in application design, deployment, debugging and maintenance to support programming projects across a range of industries & platforms. We have proven success in understanding, maintaining and enhancing complex systems. We also have significant experience evaluating and applying new technologies to fit with systems and workflows in existing code bases.

Quality and Experience

Object Craft delivers high-quality solutions that remain effective, easy to maintain and reliable for years to come. We have examples of code written for clients and still in use many years after implementation.

Object Craft have worked in a wide range of industries including:

Some of our satisfied customers include:

Object Craft also have a broad and deep knowledge of open source technology and some of our open source options and solutions are used by Google, Macquarie Bank and others. We recognise the importance of open source to allow products to be deployed across a range of systems rather than being tied to a single vendor.

Services and Technical Skills

Object Craft provide the following fundamental technical services to customers:

Object Craft specialise in Linux, Unix, Mac/iOS and Android development and are experts in the following platforms, languages and development tools:

Platforms Linux, Solaris, SunOS, AIX, BSD, Ultrix, MacOS X, MS-DOS, Microsoft Windows NT/2000/95/98/ME/XP/3.1, OpenStep, BTOS, CP/M, AmigaDOS, VMS, Docker
Languages Python, C/C++, Java, Objective C, Cobol, Fortran, Algol, Lisp, Assembler, APL, Perl, Tcl, HTML, Javascript, Typescript, XML, Pascal
SDKS and Development Tools Win32 SDK, Win16 SDK, Unix System Programming and Shell Tools, GTK+, Tcl/Tk, Gnome, WINSOCK, MFC, MSVC++, SOAP, XUL, Apache, Berkeley Sockets, TCP/IP, ATG Dynamo, Motif 1.1/1.2, X Toolkit, WCL, RCS, Emacs, Make, Yacc, Lex, CVS, Novell Netware, Aegis, Cocoa, OpenGL