• Official ISC INN Page
  • DNEWS - News software from NetWin. DNEWS documentation
  • C version of NoCeM - bulk spam cancel.
  • Tuning
  • Joe Greco's INN patches page
  • Dave Barr's INN page
  • Forrest J. Cavalier III / Mib Software's Usenet Rapid Knowledge Transfer
  • Jeff Garzik/Spinne's INN Tuning Tips
  • Clayton O'Neill/Erols
  • primenet's News tuning page
  • A Usenet Performance Study
  • A Scalable News Architecture on a Single Spool - Nick Christenson, David Beckemeyer, Trent Baker (EarthLink Network, Inc)
  • Stats
  • Freenix Top 1000 list
  • Usenet traffic summaries through OpNet
  • Statistics for NNTPRelay sites fed from Syracuse Uni
  • Other
  • So You Want to Create an Alt Newsgroup - Dave Barr's alt.* newsgroup creation FAQ.
  • A scalable, fault-tolerant, distributed server architecture for Usenet news service - Joe Greco
  • RTFM archive of news.announce.newusers postings
  • Usenet II
  • Newzbot! Public USENET Resources for the Masses
  • SuperNews's Web Newsreader
  • Satellite News Services Limited
  • A better Dejanews search
  • Joe Greco's tests on news hashing functions - CRC16 - CRC64 test results on 18.2M dataset, w/program source Program & Test Run by Matt Dillon to validate hash function for Diablo 18.2M message-id dataset supplied by Joe Greco
  • Relevent RFCs
  • rfc822 Internet Text Messages
  • rfc977 NNTP - Network News Transfer Protocol
  • rfc1036 Interchange of USENET Messages
  • Links
  • Spinne's Technical Info
  • mg's news links page
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