ActiveX? Just say NO!
  • NoAmazon.com - a protest over amaz0n.com's lawsuit against Barnes & Noble's use of "one-click ordering".
  • Corporations
  • Corporate Accountability Project
  • Ending Corporate Governance: Revoking Our Plutocracy
  • the cluetrain manifesto - we are not seats or eyeballs or end users or consumers. we are human beings - and our reach exceeds your grasp. deal with it.
  • An interactive map of the strategic alliances in the Internet industry
  • Crypto
  • EFF DES Cracker Project
  • little cow icon distributed.net - the biggest, most powerful distributed computer on the planet, built entirely of otherwise wasted computer cycles. Donate your cycles now!
  • The
    Open Source
  • The Cathedral and the Bazaar - by Eric S. Raymond
  • Homesteading the Noosphere - by Eric S. Raymond
  • Free Riding on Gnutella - by Eytan Adar and Bernardo A. Huberman
  • Open Source Software Development as a Special Type of Academic
    Research (Critique of Vulgar Raymondism)
    - by Nikolai Bezroukov
  • Environment
  • eco-action.org
  • Micr0SataN Gates of Borg
  • What's wrong with MSmail? - This link is getting very old.
  • Why Bill Gates is Richer than You by Philip Greenspun
  • Quotes from Bill Gates
  • Links to pages critical of micosoft don't last long, generally. Don't be supprised if many of these links are broken.

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