• The Cidr Report
  • Internet Society - List of Providers
  • Network security information.
  • Common ISP Mistakes
  • IPng - information on the next generation of IP - the current 32 bit IP addresses are due to run out any day now - this is the proposed solution (as well as extending IP in many other ways).
  • The routing crunch - The biggest routers today can only handle approximately 30,000 routes. Throwing more memory at them will do little to expand this limitation, as the vendors say the issue is more than just table size. Other events, like routing table changes and human factors, are also a large part of the routing problem. So we currently have a concrete ceiling above which an Internet cannot expand.
  • ATM information
  • ISDN related information
  • Bill Cheswick's Internet Mapping Project
  •'s Real-time Network Status
  • Zik Saleeba's Network Access in Australia FAQ
  • AARNet Information Server - The Australian Academic Research Network is the largest IP network in Australia. They provide internet connectivity to all Australian universities and government research institutions as well as many commercial sites.
  • Australian Public Access Network Association - these people are commited to providing cheap network access in Australia. They have a presence in all Australian states, IP access available in most.
  • internetMCI Dedicated Access InfoPage
  • Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia - RFCs, Internet engineering essays
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