Hardware links

  • KLOV - Killer List Of Video Games - this will bring back some memories!
  • Great Microprocessors of the Past and Present
  • The Museum of HP Calculators
  • DEC PDP-11
  • Another excellent DEC PDP-11 page
  • The Soul Of A New Mongoose - The Story of Australia's First SPARC Unix Workstation by Carlo Kopp.
  • Carl Friend's Minicomputer museum - excellent site
  • Digital Instruments - manufacturer of scanning probe microscopes - check out the NanoTheater
  • EFF's DES Cracker - a US $250,000 array of custom chips that was designed to brute-force search the 56 bit DES key space. It tests more than 88 billion keys per second.
  • Tom's hardware guide - excellent.
  • ARS Technica - the PC enthusiast's resorce
  • The Dr. Ffreeze Project - submerse your PC in mineral oil?
  • Gary Field's SCSI Info Central
  • A Look at FireWire and USB
  • LMDS Tutorial by the International Engineering Consortium
  • Ethernet Vendor MAC Address lookup page
  • An Introduction to Ethernet Auto-Negotiation
  • Quick Reference Guides to 100 Mbps Fast Ethernet
  • Restoration of a 1980 LWB 2.6l petrol SIII Land Rover
  • Advanced Micro Steam Turbine Power plant - The Turbine Technologies' RankineCycler(Tm) is a complete and functional micro steam turbine power plant. It is delivered and supported directly by the factory and can be readied to operate within minutes of uncrating
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