Amateur Radio links page

  • International Amateur Radio Union
  • Wireless Institute of Australia
  • Wireless Institute of Australia (NSW Division)
  • WICEN - Wireless Institute Civil Emergency Network
  • Australian Communications Authority
  • ACA Online Licence Database Search
  • QRZ Online Callsign Database
  • The RMS Titanic Radio Page
  • Novice Notes Online
  • KO6YQ's Introduction to Morse Code
  • VK6EEF's Amateur Radio Links
  • An extensive list of Q codes
  • PolyPhaser - lightning protection
  • Amateur Transceiver Radio Center
  • The Repeater Builder's Technical Information Page
  • - tips, tricks, and modifications for HAM rigs
  • Mike's Electric Stuff - an impressive collection of unusual valves and some wild photos of experiments with Tesla coils and pulse discharge devices. Also here.
  • The Chip Directory
  • RT Systems - Windows programming software and cables for Amateur Radios
  • Transceiver Interfaces for Programming and Control - E A BEHL Technologies
  • Phil Karn's Photovoltaic (solar) power system

    ARDF - Fox Hunting

  • Fox Hunting in VK1
  • Fox Hunting in VK3
  • UltraSniffer Home Page
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