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Tue Nov 22 06:29:29 EST 2011

International Student Exchange Organization is searching for 
Local Coordinators to help place and supervise exchangestudents for the upcoming school year.

Our Local Coordinators are skillful networkers, able to meet with people and develop long lasting
relationships which foster positive environments for student exchange to thrive.

Local Coordinators are able to meet with school officials and host families on a regular basis to provide 
the extra support that these individuals need.

Flexibility: Local Coordinators work from home and develop their own schedule to work in the field with families,
students, and schools. 

Salary: A$28.50/hour, 38 hours/week

As a Local Coordinator you are the most vital link in the exchange experience,

by providing support and guidance to Host Families and Exchange Students, including:
    Assessing a Host Family’s suitability to host.
    Easing the Host Family and Exchange Student through initial adjustment issues.
    Guidance through problem resolution, if issues arise. 

Not only will you be helping the Host Family and Exchange Student develop international understanding,
tolerance and friends; you too will benefit:
    Having fun as you take your students on activities in your community and join in other activities.
    Learning about people from around the globe.
    Meeting new people and making new friends in your own neighbourhood and community, and across the world.
    Gaining satisfaction from helping solve people’s problems. 

Can you do this? YES! - If you have an interest in developing cultural diversity,
awareness and tolerance. In fact, most Local Coordinators find the experience to be deeply rewarding personally.

If you would like to apply for this position, please send your resume to: Bret at australialandjob.com

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