[python-sybase] Large text input

Dave Cole djc at object-craft.com.au
Wed, 13 Apr 2005 09:37:24 +1000

this_dan@yahoo.com wrote:
> Any help on trying to update a column in a table that
> is large ie 18k +. I tried to use the cursor and did
> an execute "update table set column=@data" but it
> raises an error saying something about the data is to
> large for a data field even though the field in the
> database is text and large enough to hold it. 
> I am a newbie using this library and using sybase in
> general so hopefully this is easy one to answer.
> Thanks

 From memory there is a way to do this using the CT library, but it does 
not fit the way that the DB-API is supposed to work.

If there is enough interest I could go back and read the documentation, 
implement the missing CT functions, and then try to wrap the 
functionality in some higher level Python.

- Dave