[python-sybase] Sybase, Freetds, and stored procedure return codes

Dave Cole djc at object-craft.com.au
Wed, 04 Aug 2004 11:07:52 +1000

Ryan Felder wrote:
>  I am working on a project that uses Sybase and Freetds under solaris to
> talk to a MSsql server,
> and code that seems to have worked in the past, no longer works with a more
> up to date version of
> Sybase.
>  We use a stored procedure to authenticate users, and when it fails, it has
> a return code. I can
> not find how to retreive this return code any longer. Our code used to
> receive this in the first
> row of data returned, but now, we cannot find it. I am running this with
> current versions of
> Python, Sybase, and Freetds, under solaris 9. Anyone with ideas is my
> saviour.

My first step would be to see if the same failure happens when using 
Perl and FreeTDS.  This would tell you if the problem is in FreeTDS or not.

I think it possible to get FreeTDS to produce copious debugging - this 
might let you compare what the Python module is doing relative to the 
Perl module.

- Dave