[python-sybase] Error in ct_options

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The Sybase equivalent of 'set implicit_transactions on' is 'set chained =
on'. This might work on MSSQL too -- I don't have one on me... But you =
may still activate the feature in very similar ways (executing a =
statement) rather than very different ones (statement vs. setting a =
connection property).

In any case, I think if you fail to set up chained transactions you =
should definitely not "just ignore it quietly"; this would be very =
un-pythonic. You should let the user allow it to be quietly ignored, or =
have an option to explicitly connect in auto-commit mode, but not as =

Having a connection succeed, but use a subtly different semantics than =
the user expects (because of the DBAPI spec, and the fact that =
Sybase/MSSQL do support chained mode), is just asking for trouble.

My 2 cents,

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> First, thank you for the module in general and for the fast answer in=20
> particular.
> I suppose you meant=20
> -            if status !=3D CS_SUCCEED:
> -                self._raise_error(Error, 'ct_options')
> +           self.auto_commit =3D (status !=3D CS_SUCCEED)
>                                          ^^^^^^
> Well, now it connects alright, but I don't get auto-commit off, do I?=20
> I do want standard dbapi behavior.
> Would it be ok to just execute
> c.execute('set implicit_transactions on') on the connection?

Does anyone know if there is a standard way to disable auto commit on =
both Sybase and SQL Server?

- Dave


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