[python-sybase] MemoryError using Sybase, FreeTDS, MS SQL

Dave Cole djc at object-craft.com.au
24 Jan 2003 12:49:14 +1100

> Knowing this, I've tried a similar query on a table that does not
> have a text column and I get a different error.  Here is part of the
> output, the full output is attached in "output2".




> ct_describe(cmd1, 1, &fmt) -> CS_SUCCEED, datafmt0=[name:"guid" type:CS_FORCE_CLOSE status:CS_FALSE format:CS_FMT_UNUSED count:1 maxlength:16 scale:0 precision:0]

Hmm...  My debug code tries to convert the reported type of the column
back into a text string and comes up with CS_FORCE_CLOSE!?!

The debug code groups binary values into categories.  When doing a
lookup, it tries to resolve the value in the VAL_TYPE category and
fails.  It then just returns anything which matches the value.

Looking at the FreeTDS header, this value corresponds to the type
CS_UNIQUE_TYPE (which I don't have in my module).  Maybe I should
download the latest Sybase packages.

Try building statements which select one column at a time to see which
column types are causing the module to trip up.

- Dave